Holiday Bazaar

Come see me at SVA’s Holiday Bazaar tomorrow (Friday, Dec. 5th) at 205 E. 23rd(the SVA student center) from 6:30-9:00pm. I’ll even be selling my rabbit holiday cards. I’m just so festive!

Note the spelling of “artists”  — because even the student organization has a tough timing calling us that





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How to make a Piña Colada

This week’s assignment was to make a comic with a separate storyline in the text than in the images, but to also have some degree of convergence like in Ben Katchor comics–  guess if you needed an non-comics example, it’s like how you can line up that Pink Floyd album with the wizard of Oz and a certain moments the music matches the movie– at least that’s how I decided to understand it.  So everyone was given 10 sentences that someone else in the class wrote on one of 6 topics that I think was intended to be rather mundane.  I got a Pina Colada recipe.  I decided that some kinky whipped cream erotica would match up with a lot of the words…but just showing a lot of butt shots isn’t really a story…unless you direct porn…so I thought of some non-sexy twist that could come of this…



I did some inking experimenting with the lettering.  I always use a nib, but I thought that the curvy text would be too difficult, and the smaller tex as well, considering how stiff that nib is so I used a brush pen– was not happy with the results, looks super sloppy.  I bought some pilots on amazon, maybe they’ll be better for next time…

Now, my coloring last week turned out to be an epic fail, because it didn’t really add to the meaning of the piece(I disagree somewhat, but the black and white aspects were the focus so I can see why this judgement was made) and now I have crayon all over my scanner still that I’ve tried to clean 3 times to no avail!(I hope some glass cleaner will help).  Anyway, I figured I should attempt some coloring with this piece to redeem myself.  I personally like that “clear line” look but a lot of people would say it’s begging for color.  So I pondered long and hard about how to do this because I’m a poor colorist.  Should I do watercolor and scan it in on another layer?  That would be easier than flatting, and I sure suck a digital modeling…natural varition in tone in watercolor would help with that.  But then I thought about making it grayscale with just the red and the blue to help with the storytelling– the color has to have meaning after all, and I thought an ink wash would look sloppy.

So after I gray scaled it, I thought to give it a warm tone would work better, I used a luscious fabric pattern for the reds, and than white/blue for the climax.  A lot of subtle tinkering that will all go to waste due to variations in computer screens and printers, but on my inkjet(which veers a little to the light side) I thought it turned out OK.


Would love critique!

The Blessing of El-ahrairah

My thesis comic is now online. Please take a look at its new website:




For a class assignment we were to make  an “emotional story” 2 pages using a style that is appropriate, and then recreate the same story in a style that creates an entirely different mood, preferably by parodying a particular artist or work.  For my “appropriate” style I riffed Jhonen Vasquez, though it definitely didn’t evoke the mood I was after.  I felt it sort of trivialized the message as a piece of teen angst.

vasquez1 vasquez2

Then, for the diverging style, I parodied Family Circus.  People seemed to have a better response to this one, they found it creepier, and therefore they concluded it works, but I disagree, in terms of creating the mood I wanted.  It’s more horror story creepy than emotionally haunting.



So then, we were to tell the story a 3rd time incorporating color.  I was pleased that I’d have a venue to tell the story as I originally imagined it.  Unfortunately my execution wasn’t the best, but to try to frame it positively, I want to experiment and use crayon.  First of all, I thought that if I used color in the figure, it would detract from the contrast created by the black and white of the figure, there are no colors that can create that same contrast.  I thought that Using color in the background would be most effective.  I imagined the golden gears as sort of a frankenstein motif on page 2, and the blue bed on page 2 to show a somberness and as complementary colors I thought it would work well.  The windows were in my original sketch but I’m not sure how effective they were in the end.  I also added a light color in the background to add a little warmth.  I suppose I could remove this and the windows digitally and would like feedback about this.

But I worry my big mistake was using crayon because even though I was able to control it, the flakes of wax got everywhere, and it seems impossible to do a thorough clean up and now they’re all over my scanner to boot.  But I thought it would be something new for me and also show how it takes plase in my mind, a sketchy, child-like world that you can’t fully grasp.

Additionally, it might have been better to keep the ink work and the color separate and then scan them in together, but that would mean I would have the physical comics page, and sometimes lining it up causes a slew of other difficulties.




Lastly, I thought that the crayon would be light enough to not over power the text on the second page, but that didn’t work out, so I digitally created text boxes.  I also didn’t like the way the eyes were lined up on page 1 so I adjusted that as well.




Please give feedback as I’m submitting it to a comics magazine and would like to salvage the piece despite my errors in execution.

Nervosa at Book Revue

The Book Revue in Huntington, NY will be selling Nervosa starting August 8th!  Get your copy today (or visit my etsy if you’re not local).


Liz Gorski likes my comic!

I really appreciate Liz Gorski’s mention of Across and Down in this lovely interview from Ravishly.

Liz Gorski May 2014

Society of Illustrators show

Later this month, come see my work at the Society of Illustrators!–Short-Form-and-Special-Format-Categories.aspx



Fresh Meat and Review

Listen to a review of my Nervosa excerpt in the WW3 portion of this podcast!


Also, come see me at SVA’s Fresh Meat tonight at SVA’s student center from 6-9.  I’ll be at the A1-3 location.



Brooklyn Zine Fest


Please come see me at the Brooklyn Zine Fest this Sunday in the Student’s section!  I will also be at Fresh Meat on May 2nd.  All of my comics will be available at reduced prices, including the Comics and Cartooning Annual Silver Medal-winning Nervosa(which will be on display at the Society of Illustrators this June!).  Also, if you haven’t seen the SVA junior show, please visit to see high quality prints of my Watership Down-based comic The Blessing of El-ahrairah.  Finally, take a look at today’s brand new Across and Down if you haven’t seen it yet.

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