Help Decide the Future of Across and Down

Hey everyone, I have some bad news, and I need your input to decide the future of Across and Down.  I had been getting the puzzles early because I was a student and now that I’ve graduated this is no longer possible as it is unfair to others who would like such access.  I never spoke about this before as I was not allowed to be open about it.  Anyway, this means that if I were to continue Across and Down, it would have to be at a week’s delay, so I can choose the best puzzle to do a comic on from the entire week.  I have regularly scheduled comics set for the next 3 weeks(that is, until September 3rd), but after that I would have to do the comics a week in delay.  I’d publish the new comic probably every Sunday or Monday, for one of the puzzles from the previous week(I’d give the date in the comic, and, as always a link to the puzzle).  

The question is, would people still want to read it, or is the fact that the timelines is lost mean that the appeal is diminished.  If people feel that they would no longer like the comics this way, I will discontinue Across and Down.  So I need to know everyone’s feelings.  Please email me at to give your input.  And remember, there’s regularly scheduled comics until September 3rd, so please enjoy them while they last.  Thanks.

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  1. Michelle

     /  August 20, 2015

    Rock ON!!! Even delayed by a week, your creations will continue to be brilliant and wonderfully snarky and right on point. No one else is doing this! It’s completely original and fresh … don’t stop!!! Pleeeez.
    A Cleveland fan, Michelle (

  2. Kathy D.

     /  August 21, 2015

    Having just heard of your comic puzzles at Rex Parker’s column and then reading the one about Thursday’s puzzle, I despAIR over the possibility that they might not continue.. It is just not fAIR. I just discover this brilliance and it might disappear?
    Please continue in whatever way is best for you.


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