Some Ideas

Thanks to everyone who provided feedback.  I want to address what everyone wrote, and also, I came up with some ideas and would like to share them with you.

Responses regarding the timelines issue were pretty split, some said it would ruin it for them, some said the opposite, but I would like it if everyone gave the week delay version a try and see if they still enjoy it.  Also, remember that there are more regularly scheduled comics in the next 3 weeks, the delay will begin after the first week of September.

A lot of people told me to try to get the puzzles still, but that is not an option, I tried my best.  I also can’t have the delay be under a week because I need to choose the best puzzle to write about from the entire week.  Though it takes minutes to write, it then takes me a day to draw.

Some people suggested I employ a do puzzles from other papers, or old, classic puzzles.  I don’t think this would work because I have branded the site as an NYT comic and I want to feature puzzles people have done recently, and reach the largest audience possible.  However, if anyone wants me to do another puzzle, I can do commissions that you can post and distribute if you like.  I can even feature you in the comic!

Some people suggested I charge a subscription fee.  That wouldn’t really fix the problem, plus I want everyone to be able to view the comics, however, I did have another idea.  For a fee, I will allow people to choose the puzzle from the past week that they want me to do the comic on.  Email me if you are interested in this.

Please continue to give me feedback as you get a feel for the new format.   Additionally, since I believe I’ll be posting every Sunday night/Monday morning, people will know when to expect a new comic.  And if I do a Sunday puzzle, it’ll still be the day of!

So let’s try this out and see how it goes.

Help Decide the Future of Across and Down

Hey everyone, I have some bad news, and I need your input to decide the future of Across and Down.  I had been getting the puzzles early because I was a student and now that I’ve graduated this is no longer possible as it is unfair to others who would like such access.  I never spoke about this before as I was not allowed to be open about it.  Anyway, this means that if I were to continue Across and Down, it would have to be at a week’s delay, so I can choose the best puzzle to do a comic on from the entire week.  I have regularly scheduled comics set for the next 3 weeks(that is, until September 3rd), but after that I would have to do the comics a week in delay.  I’d publish the new comic probably every Sunday or Monday, for one of the puzzles from the previous week(I’d give the date in the comic, and, as always a link to the puzzle).  

The question is, would people still want to read it, or is the fact that the timelines is lost mean that the appeal is diminished.  If people feel that they would no longer like the comics this way, I will discontinue Across and Down.  So I need to know everyone’s feelings.  Please email me at to give your input.  And remember, there’s regularly scheduled comics until September 3rd, so please enjoy them while they last.  Thanks.

Murder Mystery Meta

Check out Victor Barocas’ Kickstarter for a murder mystery meta-puzzle series that I’ll be illustrating!

Five Questions with the Puzzle Nation Blog

Check out Glenn Dallas’ Puzzle mini interview with me at the Puzzle Nation Blog


Across and Down at the Society of Illustrators

From June 16th-July 3rd, “A Black and White Christmas” featuring Joel Fagliano’s December 20th puzzle (and dreams of various Elizabeth Gorski puzzles) will be on display in the Society of Illustrators’ Comic and Cartoon Annual show. An opening reception will be held on the 19th, but swing by any time if you want to see the comic. The gallery is at 128 E. 63rd St., but you can get all the info at the Society of Illustrators’ website.


Fresh Meat

Please visit me at Fresh Meat this Friday, May 1st at the SVA student center (217 E. 23rd Street) from 6-9 at booth A1-3, which according to the map, looks like enough room for 1/3 of a human.  Stop by to chat, I’ll surely be bored as hell!


Fresh Meat table placements Fresh Meat


MOCCA Fest 2015

Visit me at MOCCA Fest next weekend! I will be at booth 367 on the 3rd floor.  Check out the website for all the details:


Triple Announcement for Across and Down

Some Across and Down News:

Lose an hour, gain a comic!  On Saturday, March 7th, the Orca Awards will announce the puzzle of the year, and there will be a bonus Across and Down celebrating it at, plus your regularly scheduled Across and Down(the following day) at


Across and Down has been selected to be featured in the Society of Illustrators’ 2015 Comics and Cartoon Art Annual exhibition.  The Across and Down strip  “A Black and White Christmas” will be on display from June 16 to July 18th.–Short-Form,-Digital-Media,-and-Special-Format.aspx

Lastly, Across and Down will have a booth at this year’s ACPT, so if you’re headed for Stamford, make sure to check it out.

Puzzle Pile Interview

Check out this Across and Down interview with me at the puzzle e-zine Puzzle Pile!

Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 11.50.32 PM

GAMES Magazine write-up

Check out page 48 of the March issue of GAMES World of Puzzles for a short write-up on Across and Down.  Also, new on the menu bar at is the “order prints” link.  Order a print of any comic, and remember to look at the “custom comics” page as well!


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